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To improve and to unite cuteness


:bulletpink:This group is a DD based, Improvement Based, Critque Me based, and CUTE base group! This group is here to help you improve, suggest DD's to us, and critque your work as well for great ways to improve! This is also a roleplay group(optional)! Create an Oc represent a garden if you want to! If you have any questions, ask any of us!

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:bulletred:Please submit what you want to the right folder

:bulletorange:Don't be a brute to this group or you will be kicked out; Also do not get mad if your submission wasn't approved. It either wasn't submitted to the right folder or it wasn't meant to be in the folder you place it in!

:bulletyellow:If you want to affilate, iingo needs to check out your group then approve it

:bulletgreen:Have fun!
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:star:The Folders
:star:The Feature Folder
-The Feature Folder is only for the Admin and those whoes art is very inspiring to us and who are professional whoever I or the admin invite for a feature
-This folder also may be used for future contest for whoever gets first, second, and third place.

:star:The DD Folder
-As you may, this group is also a DD base group which means DD's will be featured in this folder.
-If you have one if you're in the group feel free to submit it BUT WE WILL BE CHECKING!
-The DD Folder is also for if you've suggested something to us and was featured, it'll be in that folder!
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?

:star:The DD Suggestion Folder
-If you have a suggestion for us, share it.
-If you want to suggest your own work, do so but make sure your art is worthy for it! And if not feel free to submit it to the Critque Me folder

:star:The Critque Me Folder
-If you want one of the admins to critque your work to see progress or also give advice to you for improvement, feel free to submit it here! Your work will automatically be approved.

:star:The CAU OC Folder
-If you want to create a chara to rp with in this group remeber it has to be a garden like chara. HAS TO BE HUMAN THOUGH LOL!

:star:The Digital Folder
-The folder just to submit your digital art in. Must have effort put into it though.

:star:The Traditional Folder
-The folder just to submit you traditional art in. Must have effort put into it though.
-DON'T SUBMIT DIGITAL ART HERE(unless if your traditional art has a lil digital in it)

:star:The Admins Corner Folder
-Similar to the Feature Folder but only to us Admin. You can submit your art in this folder too!
More on folders

:bulletblue:You can submit 6 deviations per week to make it easier for us since we are busy.

:bulletpurple:Again if you have a suggestion for us either note it or comment.

AND AGAIN if you have questions let us know!


Our group for our customizing is still underconstruction for this group to stand out, too.

But have a great time guys! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, TOO!

Anime And Manga Week

Happy New Year!

is wishing the projecteducate and CRAnimeAndManga team!

Akali - Happy new year by ArlequinnePraying for the New Year by haneiy


The Japanese New Year, called 正月 [Shōgatsu], is an annual festival with it's own customs. Since 1873, the Japanese New Year has been celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, on January 1st of each year, New Year's Day - 元日 [Ganjitsu].

正月 [Shōgatsu] is the most important holiday in Japan. People say to each other Happy New Year whenever they see at the first time in the new year.

  • 今年もよろしくお願いします [kotoshi mo yoroshiku o-negai-shimasu]
    I hope for your favour again in the coming year
  • (新年)あけましておめでとうございます? [(shinnen) akemashite o-medetō-gozaimasu]
    Happiness to you on the dawn (of a New Year)
  • 謹賀新年 [kinga shinnen]
    Happy New Year
  • 賀正 [gashō]
    to celebrate January
  • 初春 [shoshun/hatsuharu]
    literally "early spring", in the traditional lunar calendar a year begins in early spring
  • 迎春 [geishun]
    to welcome spring


During New Years it is popular to eat the special dishes called 御節料理 [osechi-ryōri].
They are packed in a Jubako box, which has several layers. Each dish has a particular meaning.

Example meanings: Prawns for long life, herring roe for fertility, ...

Japanese also eat 餅 [mochi] (rice cake) dishes. 雑煮 [zōni] (rice cake soup) is the most popular mochi dish. The ingredients vary depending on regions and families.


There is a custom of giving money to children during New Year's holidays in Japan. It's called Otoshidama. If you are going to family gatherings, it's good to prepare some money in small envelopes.


Japanese visit a shrine or a temple to pray for safety, health and good fortune.
The first visit to a temple or shrine in a year is called 初詣 [Hatsumōde]. Many well-known temples and shrines are extremely crowded.
Some temples and shrines expect a couple million visitors during New Year's holidays each year.


門松 [kadomatsu] is a traditional Japanese decoration of the New Year placed in pairs in front of homes to welcome ancestral spirits or kami of the harvest.
They are placed after Christmas until January 7th and are considered temporary housing for kami.

Designs for 門松 [kadomatsu] vary depending on region but are typically made of pine, bamboo, and sometimes ume tree sprigs which represent longevity, prosperity and steadfastness, respectively.

After January 15th the 門松 [kadomatsu] is burned to appease the kami or toshigami and release them.

Fun facts

  • Schools close for about two weeks of winter holiday before and after New Year's,
  • Kids spent New Year's engaged in such traditional pastimes as flying kites, koma (spinning tops), and playing いろはがるた [iroha-garuta], 羽根突き [Hanetsuki], 福笑い [Fukuwarai] and 双六 [sugoroku]. None of these pastimes are played very much by kids these days, though. However, it is said this tradition ended a few decades ago,
  • Children look forward to reading their nengajō (New Year greeting cards) from friends and acquaintances.

Oiran New Year by aimeekittylanguid New Year holidays by DensenManiya+HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014+ by CalurNew Year Maiko by Hanami-Mai

About Travel
Japan Monthly Web Magazine
Japanese Culture: Omisoka & Shogatsu

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